Component rationalisation, design for manufacturing, trouble shooting, cost reduction, rapid turn-around.

Pegrex Ltd had been supplying cable support components to BAE Systems at Barrow-in-Furness (submarines) and Scotstoun (surface vessels) for many years. We received a request from BAe to help rationalise the number of variations of a particular component, the minor hangers.

The minor hangers are a basic cable support component, comprising a threaded boss to allow the hanger to be bolted to a bulk-head and a slotted channel to house the cables.

A visit that we made to the shipyard revealed a further issue; the need for screening between cable ‘bunches’ as it was not possible to strap them separately on the existing hangers.

There were also strict conditions from the client that any changes in the design of components should not require changes to surrounding parts, that any tooling costs be minimal and that any existing stocks or WIP be easily modified.

After reviewing the existing manufacturing processes and tooling, we recommended a simple but effective solution: the addition of extra slots to two of the existing components.

This solution resulted in significant cost savings for BAe Systems from a reduction in cable fitting times and components rationalisation.

Since existing parts were modified, the project was completed quickly with minimal tooling costs. Tooling was designed & manufactured within four weeks and new components manufactured to provide ‘buffer stock’ while existing the parts were returned to Pegrex for modification. In all the change was fully implemented within eight weeks with minimal cost and disruption to the client.

“Pegrex have helped us to keep to our schedule and budget by designing components that simplified and speeded up the cabling process. We were particularly impressed with how Pegrex managed to turn the project around so quickly with very little disruption to our operations”

Mr. Jonathon Long, BAE System Marine