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Getting the best out of your manufacturing services can be a challenge. With all of the options, you have available, it’s often extremely difficult to figure out which companies offer the best options for your business. Pegrex has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality component manufacturing in the UK, offering a wide range of benefits that make it possible to truly get the most out of your manufacturing. But what exactly does this mean for you? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits Pegrex is able to offer to get you started with your manufacturing.


UK-Sourced Materials

Unlike many other manufacturing companies, Pegrex sources all of its materials from within the UK. While this comes with the benefit of supporting local businesses, it also affords companies like Pegrex great flexibility and control over their materials. This can dramatically reduce supply chain costs, saving money on transport, storage, and import taxes along the way. Around 72% of businesses prefer to source their materials domestically, and there is a good reason for this


Design & Component Manufacturing Optimisation

With a team of expert designers at its disposal, Pegrex is able to design new components or adapt existing ones to make them cheaper. This process can help you to move away from expensive manufacturing techniques, with options like metal pressing often being much cheaper than CNC milling and laser cutting. Pegrex takes this element of its work very seriously, working extremely hard to make sure that the designs it produces are optimal, reducing production costs while also improving the quality of your products.


Reduced Lead Times

Long lead times can be very difficult to deal with in manufacturing, with small delays having a knock-on impact across your business. Using standard production tools, relying on UK-based suppliers, clear communication, and precise planning Pegrex is able to keep lead times as short as possible. Not only does this mean that your orders will arrive quickly, but it also means that your business doesn’t need to hold additional stock to make up for supply chain issues. This can save time, money, and waste in the future.

lead times

Scalable Manufacturing

It’s common to find minimum order quantities when you look at manufacturers around the web. Companies like this often refuse to work on smaller orders, though Pegrex is able to supply orders of just about any size. This can include anything from single 3D printed prototypes to mass production runs of components. Being able to scale your manufacturing like this makes it possible to provide consistent products to clients without having to grow faster than your business is able to manage.

Any company that produces its own products should be looking to use the best manufacturing services it can. While it isn’t always easy to achieve this with your own operation, companies like Pegrex can make the process far smoother. From providing UK-sourced materials to offering scalable services, a manufacturing company like this can help your business to achieve great things; you just need to find them first.


Final Thoughts

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