The Pegrex commitment to excellence means that we have clients working in highly specialised fields such as defence...

Our Defence Solution

When these clients come to us with a project, they do so in the knowledge that we’ll deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

In sectors like defence and aerospace the components used have to be manufactured to the tightest possible tolerances. Whether its CNC milling, vibro deburring or laser cutting, the processes which are used have to be delivered to exact specifications, at the same time as meeting all deadlines and being value for money. Our ability to do so is reflected in the fact that we manufacture and stock a large number of certified components that meet MOD, NATO and ISO standards, and these components can be supplied from stock at short notice.

We can work on projects for clients from the earliest possible stages through to full delivery. Some clients come to us with an initial idea which is little more than a sketch, while others bring an existing component which has to be reverse engineered, and some have fully realised plans already drawn up. No matter what the situation is, we’ll use our consulting and project management skills to put together a plan which utilises all of our capabilities, from engineering to hand finishing, and delivers exactly what the client is looking for.

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    The work we did for BAe Systems at Barrow-in-Furness drew on our experience of supplying cable support components and hinged upon a request to rationalise the number of variations of a specific component. In simple terms, we visited the shipyard itself and uncovered further issues, and at the same time, the client imposed conditions on the solutions we came up with. These conditions were that any changes in components shouldn’t require changes to surrounding parts, that the tooling costs needed to be minimal and that existing stock could easily be modified.

    The solution we came up with was highly effective but extremely simple. It involved the modification of existing parts, which cut the time frame and the costs, and meant that the changes – which involved designing and manufacturing tooling, manufacturing new components and modifying existing stock – were delivered with the minimum of cost and disruption.

    This is just one example of the solutions which we’re able to deliver, responding flexibly to clients who demand innovative thinking and a commitment to high quality.

    Defence Cable Products

    Additional Information

    Our credentials include the fact that we are a NATO certified components supplier and a BS EN ISO9001:2000 accredited company, having been BSI registered since 1992, and our unique combination of skills, experience and technology means we are ideally placed to deliver the kind of niche, highly specialised requirements that other providers often struggle with.

    We’re located in the Midlands, close to the centres of the UK and the excellent local transport links enable us to offer a genuinely national service.

    Our size and experience mean we can meet and deliver to extremely tight deadlines and respond quickly to client demand, up to and including offering limited production runs, just in time delivery and full batch traceability.

    To enquire about our work in the defence sector, or any of the other services we offer, simply call us on +44(0) 121 511 1475, send a fax to +44 121 511 1474 or email your enquiry to