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Delivering first class engineering, fabrication and manufacturing solutions for more than 70 years.

CNC Punching Solution

During those 70 years we’ve delivered everything from high specification components for clients working in specialised fields such as aerospace and defence, to finely crafted bespoke items of jewellery, giftware and lighting.

. Everything we do combines our expertise and hands-on experience with a commitment to utilising the latest technology in order to deliver exactly what our clients need.

Our flexibility is such that we can work using everything from a detailed plan to an initial rough sketch or just a basic idea, and no matter what clients bring to us, we’ll work with them to turn it into the product they need. Whether they ask for large batches of a component produced to extremely strict tolerances or a one-off item of designer craftwork, we’ll utilise our skill in design and engineering to make it happen. In some cases a client will come to us with an existing component, in which case we can reverse engineer a solution, analysing the component in question in order to create a detailed plan and then reproduce the initial item with complete precision.

CNC punching is also known as Computer Numerical Control punching, and it’s a high tech process which combines power with precision to punch a hole or form in sheet metal to the kind of incredibly strict standards which our clients demand.

The key to delivering this type of consistent quality is the fact that we provide every aspect of our services in-house. When we deliver CNC punching, for example, the actual CNC punching itself is only one part of the process. Before creating the components in question we’ll work closely with the client in order to create a computer aided design (CAD), using state of the art Solid Edge software to create a detailed 3D plan detailing dimensions, geometries and specifications.

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    Once the client has approved the CAD the information it contains will be extracted using computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software, which turns this into data which is used to programme the CNC punching equipment. In some cases we will create a prototype of the item in question so that the client can sign off on the concept of the design, at the same time as spotting any issues or problems before embarking on full scale production.

    One of the many reasons why clients come back to us time and time again is that we can combine our CNC punching with other services such as CNC milling, turning and hand finishing in order to deliver the kind of bespoke, highly specialised items which some manufacturers might struggle to cope with. We combine the expertise needed to be a NATO certified components supplier, with the sensibilities and flair for design which is so appreciated by our clients in the jewellery and giftware sectors.

    Additional Information

    Pegrex is a BS EN ISO9001:2000 accredited company and has been BSI registered since 1992. All of the components we supply are manufactured to these stringent quality standards. We’re located in the Midlands, close to the centre of the UK and the excellent local transport links enable us to offer a genuinely national service.

    Our size and experience means we can meet and deliver to extremely tight deadlines and respond quickly to client demand, up to and including offering limited production runs, just in time delivery and full batch traceability.

    To enquire about our CNC milling facilities, or any of the other services we offer, simply call us on +44(0) 121 511 1475, send a fax to +44 121 511 1474 or email your enquiry to